Protect your drivers with the FixiCover Driver Shield

Installed in minutes at a local body repair shop

Removed without damage to vehicle interior

Affordable and available directly from stock

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Why the FixiCover Driver Shield stands out

Removed without damage

Unlike other suppliers, the FixiCover causes no damage to the vehicle interior.

Installed in minutes

Quick and easy installation at a body repair shop near you.


Offered at very competitive prices due to unique design and high volumes.

Creating a safe working environment for your drivers

Safety for your drivers and passengers is of utmost importance during these unprecedented times. The FixiCover Driver Shield has been designed by vehicle experts to create a safe working environment in minutes.

High-quality polycarbonate protection shield

With 250x the impact resistance of glass, this screen can resist major impact.

1.5 mm thick high-quality polycarbonate.

Fire-resistant with B1 / Class 1Y / UL 94 HB fire rating.

Developed in the Netherlands, FixiCover Driver Shield uses durable polycarbonate material that is impact- and fire-resistant.

Installed within minutes without the need for a fixed construction.

Easy to remove without causing damage to the interior of vehicles.

Order your FixiCover Driver Shield

Directly available and delivered quickly to you

FixiCover Flex

FixiCover Shield

The Flex model is a flexible 0.5 MM PVC plastic curtain and is designed to be an affordable and durable solution.

The Shield model is a 1.5 MM polycarbonate plastic shield made for stronger and more robust protection.

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**For ordering more than 5 items please contact sales support.

We've installed thousands of FixiCover Driver Shields

The FixiCover Driver Shield is currently available for over 40 vehicles; ranging from small hatchbacks to large LCVs. 

View the vehicle list for more details.

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FixiCover is offered at competitive prices and directly available.

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